Hi & Welcome To My “Secret” Adult Website!

  Hi! I’m Lexeigh, and you’ve found my “secret” website! First of all, yes, I am the one writing this. In fact, I am the one who writes everything for my website! So how about I start by telling you a little about myself… I am a wife, a mother, and I do have a “day job” career. I launched this website in June of 2010. I call this website a “secret” because no one in my “real” life has any idea about it! Not my family, not my co-workers, not my neighbors… absolutely no one! You can find out a lot more about me on my About Me page!
  Wanna know what I have in my Member’s Area? Scroll down this page to take a tour of all of the updates I have added to me Member’s Area! Of course, what you will see on these pages is just a little tease to get you interested! (You know you love being teased!) ) If you become a Member right now, it will only take you a few minutes, and you’ll have access to my entire photo archive! How many photos do I have? Just check out the stats over there on the right to see the very latest up-to-the-minute numbers of what I have in the Members Area right now! It’s a lot!
  Ok, so here is my one and only tiny little sales pitch to you… If you like what you see here, and you would like me to know that, think about joining my site. While I do love flattering compliments, the best compliment I could EVER receive is having you become a member! There honestly isn’t a nicer way for you to flatter me! And keep in mind, this is MY site run by ME! No middle men here! This is as personal as handing a waitress a tip. Your money is going directly to me & no one else! I am absolutely not doing this for the money, but I also can’t afford to run this site for free either! Would you go to work everyday if you weren’t getting a paycheck? Going back to the waitress anaolgy, would you not leave a tip for good service? Ever get a lap-dance for free? LOL! Having members helps pay the the bills, run the site, and lets me go out and buy all those sexy outfits and lingerie you like so much! So take a second and consider this… If you like what you see,please consider becoming a member? I have several different plans, but even my most expensive membership plan is still well under a dollar a day! That’s cheap, right?! Especially for what you get for that price?! Ok, the sales pitch is over! You won’t hear me talking about this again on the website! I promise! Thanks for listening, now please go have a look around my site! Enjoy! XOXOXO…

Sexy Hot Tub Slut

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hey everyone! Who wants to have a hot tub party?! :) I thought i would put on the skimpiest swimsuit bikini I could find! DO you like it?! Just a tiny tube top to cover my big boobs, and an even smaller bottom..... just a tiny strip of fabric to cover my secret garden! Ready to jump in the water adn get wet with me? maybe this time you could bring a few of your friends and you could each take turns doing me from behind? Is that too kinky? :) the more the merrier! Hehe :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh
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" If you're in the mood to see a smoking-hot blonde MILF pose in racy outfits, strip, show off her goodies and suck her hubby's stiff pecker, then Lexeigh is the one to watch..."

Little Black Sundress

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hey everyone! This week lets have some fun! I'm wearing my little balck sundress, and enjoying a really nice afternoon in the late afternoon shade... and you have just shown up to spend some time with me! You grab your camera and start taking pictures of me... which you know is something I like to do! After a few pictures, you ask if I want to be a little naughty and ask if i will show you some more "skin"... so thats exactly what i do for you! As I pull my clothes to the side and show you more skin, I start to get a little horny.... and you keep asking for more.. until I have moved my dress so that it is just around my wasit! Showing you everything! Like that idea, my naughty photographer! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh’s Skimpy Outfit…

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hey everyone! I want ot say hi to all my brand new members who joined i nthe last few weeks! Without you guys I wouldn't be able to keep this website going! :-) And thank you SO much for all the really nice compliments! I love you too! :-) So this weeks set is pretty simple... juat me stripping down for you in a motel room! I am always hearing about everyones favorite poses for me, and to show you that I am listening, you will find me in this latest set on my knees with my shoulders down on the bed and by rear end up in the air! Someone needs to explain to me why this is SUCH a requested position for me to be in! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh’s See-Thru Lingerie Nightie

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hey guys! hope everyone is enjoying the Fall weather! I like the temperature now, but am NOT looking forward to the cold weather! I want o be o nthe beach! Hehe... SO this weeks photos are nice and simple.. just me, in my bedroom, in some skimpy lingerie, getting naked for you! Do you want to be in my room watching me? Helping me undress? Taking pics of me? Once I was naked, what would you do with me? Hehe... :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh’s Wedding Day

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hey guys! So after all these years of hearing the requests... I finally decided to do it for you guys! I'm finally doing a photo set in my wedding dress! I have to tell you, I was a little nervous pulling it out of the closet to try it on for the first time in all these years! But it fit like the day I bought it! Yay! :-) So now all you kinky perverts can finally see what I looked like on my wedding day, and probably more importantly to you, what I looked like on my wedding night! Right?! I tried to get everything just like that special night, even down to the way I stripped out of my gown! So dont say I don't listen to your requests! Hehe... Wanna get married? Or maybe just spend the night with someone elses wife? Are you smiling right not pervert? Hehe :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh
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" Sites that feature only one model are often boring... There are exceptions, and this is definitely an exception. This girl is SO damn photogenic, and so sexy, that no one will mind seeing her over and over again..."

Teeny Tiny Bikini & Roller Skates

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hey everyone! So the summer is coming to an end :( But I still have so many bikinis I need ot wear to the pool! Hehe :) I guess I will have to jsut start wearing a different bikini every day until I get through them all, huh? :-) SO this week I am in the classic itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini! And to make it even better, I have on my roller skates! Nothing goes with a bikini quite like a pair of roller skates right??! :-) And dont you jsut love how the pink wheels match the bikini?! It;s like I planned that or something! :-) I don't want to ruin the surprise, but.... I get COMPLETELY naked in this photo set! Shocking, right? Well, not completely naked... the skates do stay on! Hehe :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexigh In Her Sexy Bra & Panties

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! I really hope you are having a great summer! As for me, well... I am having a blast anad have been spending some of my time out in the Sun and in the water (I do love to be in a swimming pool!)... Well, this weeks photo set was a Member's request (which is one of the perks of becoming a member btw)... The simple request was for me to start out in a bra and panties, and work my way down to nothing! I mean, I am always working my was down to nothing, right? :-) hehe... Its just SO much easier to get down to nothing when all I have to do is take off a bra and a pair of panties! You guys sure do seem to like what i am hiding under those two articles of clothing, don't you? :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Cheap Motel Hooker

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: First I want to say HI to all of my BRAND NEW members! Thank you all so much for joining my site! You guys make this so much fun for me! I love all the emails! You are all so great with your compliments and your suggestions! And speaking of suggestions, one of my long time members sent me a suggestion about a month ago.... He asked if I would dress up like a cheap hooker and do some pictures in a cheal motel room! Kinky!!!! :-) So this weeks photos is my best attempt at fullfilling that fantasy! I can already hear the jokes... All I had to do was dress like I always do for this set!... Wow you really make a very convincing "cheap hooker"!... You are so good at capturing this "look", you must have some experience at this? LMAO! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh’s Blue Micro Sling Bikini

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Its the summer, and that means I am spending most of my time near a swimming pool in one of my many bikinis! I know you guys are always asking me to do more pics in swim suits, so I figured it was about time to do something about that! This weeks photo set is featuring one of my tiniest swimsuits! I mean, it barely covers anything on me! Is it just me, or does this bikini make my boobs look huge! hehe! Those little tiny strips of fabric were trying their best ot keep me covered, but not doing a good job of it! I was feelign so dirty posing for you in this sling, that it was only a matter of minutes before I started acting naughty! DOnt you wanna see what I did? I know you do! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh
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" The "About Me" section is perhaps one of the most elaborate ones I've ever seen. It's way more than just common statistics and a short bio...the stats are very detailed...there are multiple blurbs discussing different topics..."

Lexeigh The Park Hooker

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: How about another fantasy? This week I am pretending to be a escort/hooker looking for tricks at a local park?! Hehe very naughty fantasy! You drive up and see me me waiting under the gazebo, and decide to come over and talk to me. You ask me if you an see "the goods" and I start doign a slow strip tease for you! Wanna know how far I will go for you? How much I will do?! We might be here until after the sun goes down! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Sexy Slutty MILF Secretary

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! So... maybe you work in an office, or maybe you even have your own secretary? Or... maybe you just fantaisze about having your own secretary? :) Well this weeks photo set is all about that fantasy! would you want me working for you as your own personal secretary? would you like that? Keeping me late in the office until everyone else had gone home.... taking me on business trips with you... do you like that idea? would you have me strip for you? give you a little show? Tease you as I take off my clothes.... maybe bend me over and give me a spanking? Im not sure you would ever get much work done, but I dont think you would complain about that much! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh Shortened Josie be shaving the ending.... took about 45 seconds off Josie...

Trashy Dumpster MILF Stripper

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a great start to their summer! I'm planning a big trip to the beach in a few weeks, so you know there are some bikini photos coming your way very soon! Thank to fo all the wonderful emails! All of you are SO nice with all of the wonderful compliments! This weeks photos are for all of you who tell me how much they fantasize about me! I've been told that its fun to see me in skimpy clothes, and this weeks set sure fits that bill! I saw this MILF tanktop and just knew you guys woulod appreciate it! Looking a little white trash?! I thought posing next to a trash bin was pretty clever! Dont you?! Spoiler Alert... the big surprise at the end of this set... I end up totally naked! Shocking I know!! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Handcuffs & Nipple Clamps

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi to all my new members! Thank you so much for the nice compliments and for all the suggestions! This week I decided to go where I have never gone before! Hand cuffs and nipple clamps! Some of you are very naughty wanting to see me hand cuffed and vulnerable! My hands cuffed behind my back so you can pull my shirt up over my big boobs, and there is nothing I can do to stop you! Does that turn you on? Do you want to put my sensitive nipples on the tight clamps? Do you think I am going to be able to handle it? I've never had my nipples clamped by anything this strong ever! Does it turn you on to see me squirm? I can tell you like seeing me like this.... and that turns me on! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh
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" Lexeigh is one hot, smokin' milf. She's got big boobs (36DD), tiny waist, and a nice ass. She's ... the kind of mom you really want to fuck. The mischievous look in her eyes tells you that she just might wanna fuck you, too!..."

Pink Tube Top, Short Jean Shorts, Tube Socks, & Tennis Shoes

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: How about a fantasy for you this week? Maybe you see me driving around town in my sexy little Mercedes Convertible, and you start following me. You pull up along side me at a stop light, and I look over and wink at you... and then I motion for you to follow me. :) We drive to a nearby motel, and get a room... And once we get in the room, I give you a sexy strip tease as you take my pictures... and then.... I will let you finish out the rest of this fantasy! :) Why not become a memeber and send me an email telling me what you would like to do with me! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Summer Stroll In The Woods

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: I love this time of year! Spring is about to become Summer, and the cold windy days of Winter are a distant memory! Ok, maybe not "distant memory", but at least the mornings are no longer so cold that I can see my breath in the morning air! Brrrrr!:) I love being able to put on a skimpy Summer dress and take a stroll in the woods! Its even naughtier when I dont have on a bra or panties! Commando! :) Wanna come take a walk with me? We can have a little fun playing "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"! :) OMG! I haven't thought about that game in years! Ook, so you cant really show me yours, but I sure hope you will enjoy me showing you mine! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh Strips Naked In The Front Hall

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: HI everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I am SO ready for the summer to get here! I've already started my summer clothes shoopping! In fact, thats kinda the whole reason for this photo set! See, I spent a Saturday afternoon at the mall, and ended up spending WAY more than I should have on some new outfits! I knew hubby was going to be very upset with me, but then I realized, all I need to do is give him a little strip tease show and he might not be upset! Hehe... So I called ahead and told him to have the camera ready and wait by the front door. Needless to say, you can see what happened when I came through the door! He got his photos, and I got to keep all my new purchases! In fact, I'm pretty sure he never found out I went shopping!!! I should have bought a new car!!! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh Is Your Naughty Office Co-Worker

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: HI everyone! This week I am in my office clothes.... amd I your secretary? Or a co-worker? Or the girl you see on the elevator every day on your way into work? How many times have you stared at me.. wondering what I was wearing under my dress? Wondering what kind of panties and bra I had on? Wondering if I didnt havea bra on... or if i shaved.... or if I would be a dirty girl for you? Maybe if we worked together, we could sneak off in to an empty office and lock ourselves in.... and have a little afternoon fun? Do me right there on the conference room table? :) As always, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh
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" Lexeigh appears to be a cock sucking fiend. She loves getting on her knees and sucking a hard cock and she has some awesome deepthroating skills. Lexeigh loves cum as well and you'll see her getting huge sticky loads... shot directly into her wide open mouth for her to swallow... "

Skimpy See-Through Lingerie & Her Vibrator

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! Who's ready to go to bed? Hopefully you're not sleepy! ai was hoping you might wanna have a little fun before we fall asleep tonight? How about I put on some sexy lingerie for you? Maybe do a little strip tease? Are you in the mood for a little show? Maybe I could get out my vibrator and let you watch as I warm myself up with it? Do you like to watch me? See me get myself all worked up for you? Do you want to watch me get my pussy all wet for you? I can tell it makes you horny watching me... do you want to fuck me hard? Let me spread wide for you so you can do me on the edge of the bed! :) As always, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh In Her Tight Little Black Dress

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! I'm ready to head out for a night of drinking and dancing! Everyone likes party girl in a little black dress right? :) If you look real close, you will see I wasnt wearing a bra! And you might even be able to tell i wasnt wearing any panties either! Naughty huh?! :) If only all those guys who were flirting and dancing with me knew i had my own website! And if they knew i had just finished posing for all these pics right before I came into the club! Who knows... maybe one of them just found my website! If you did, email me! :) As always, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh

MILF Just Home From Work & Ready To Be Naughty

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! This weeks photo set was a pretty simple one! This is me just getting home from work, and getting naughty on my stairs! I do get a few emails asking to see me dressed like I do in my "real" life, and that how you want to see me, then you will like this weeks photos! Can you tell I was tired from a long day of work? Once I started removing my clothes, I started to get turned on! I was lucky I was wearing some pretty pink panties since this was a totally unplanned photo shoot! So I guess the question is, do you want to do me right there on the stairs? Well do you?! :) As always, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Flashing Outdoors In Her Orange Dress

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! I've received a lot of requests for my "outdoor" photo shoots, so thie week I ventured back outside again! :) This weeks pics I am in a skimpy orange see-through dress with nothing on underneath! No bra! No panties! :) I will admit, I am not a natural exhibitionist, so I think you will see I am looking a little nervous being out in public with other people around! If you like the idea of seeing me being a bad girl in public, then I think you will like this weeks photos! Next time I am going to be more bold I think.. would you guys like that? :) As always, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh
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" On her self-titled site, Lexeigh shows off her killer body, mature sexuality, and fondness for sucking dick... She looks like your average hot middle-aged woman who has somehow fooled everyone into thinking she’s not the neighborhood slut and hasn’t slept with their husbands.... "

Pink Bra & Black Panties In The Bathroom

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! It's me again! Just in the bathroom this week, getting ready for a night out! In a hurry! Minding my own business... When in walks hubby with the camera! Oh silly hubby! "We're running late..."! "No, I dont have time to put on a strip show for you tonight"!... But hubby doesnt take "no" for an answer! SO after a few minutes of protest, I give in! But since hubby is so BAD, I get to tease him! I know what he wants to see! Its the same as all you pervs out there! Hehe :) I know... You want me completely stripped down and showing you every inch of my body, dont you? But I know there are a few parts you are more interested in than the others, isn't that right? I think I know what you want to see! :) As always, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh Is Your Dirty Photo Model

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! Its Lexeigh, your "fantasy girl"!!! :) Hmmmmm, soooo... which fantasy am I going to be this week? Lets see... How about... Maybe you are a photographer... and I am a model you met online? You asked me to meet you at this old abandoned warehouse to take some pics? Once we get there, I realize how secluded we are... and you ask me to start stripping for you! I say OK because thats how I am! :) As my clothes come off, I can tell how horny you are getting! And that turns me on SO much! How would you want me to pose for you? Pull my big tits out of my top? Maybe lift my skirt? Or take my skirt off? Ok, off it is.... Whats that you said? Leave the boots on? Hehe Ok :) Yurn around and bend over? Ok... Um, you want me to sit down on the ground and spread my legs wide? Um, I guess I can do that... Um, why are you putting your camera down? Hehe Oh! I know why!!! To do me! :) As always, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh’s Sparkle Dress & White Stool

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! I want to give a shout out to all my new members who joined in January! It was one of my biggest member months ever! Thank you guys so much for all the nice emails and support! As most of my existing members already know, I enjoy taking suggestions for photo shoots and poses, and thats exactly what this weeks set is! The request was for me to be in a sexy evening dress without a bra and a sexy black thong! I threw in the white stool for good measure! :) It seems that you guys also like to watch me touching myself, soooo, I had to do a little bit of that for you this week as well! :) I am a dirty girl I know! Hehe... :) As always, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh’s Sexy Winter Dress

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: So here we are in the dead of Winter... and since Spring is still a long way away, I guess I am forced to embrace the season! (Have I told you how much i hate the COLD!!!) So anyway... I do get a lot of emails asking for more dresses, so when I saw this cute little Winter theme dress I knew I needed to pick it up. I have been told that my curves can make any outfit "naughty", and when I saw myself in the dressing room mirror, thats exactly what my first thought was! My boobs are large, but they are only a 36DD, but I think maybe they look bigger than a DD because of my small size? I am actually only 5 foot 4 inches (and a half hehe) tall, so not very big at all! But enough of that... you will be happy to know I get naked by the end! Shocker right?! I know!!! :) As always, I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! :) xoxoxo - Lexeigh
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" I want to tell you something about your free tour... You don't make it clear what a strip tease artist you are! The way you work the camera before taking your clothes off is pefect! As a person who loves to get teased, I can honestly say you are one of the best!..."

Actual Quote From A Member Email

Lexeigh Takes A Hike In The Woods

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: I'm in the mood for a hike in the woods... Who wants to come along with me? I'll lead the way! How far do you think we should go? Let's keep walking until there is no one else around, OK? Some place where we are all alone and secluded, does that sound good to you? I know as you are following me, you are staring at my ass, aren't you? Do you see something you like? :-) We've been walking for a while now, do you mind if we stop for a bit and rest? I'm feeling really hot, would you mind if I took off my jacket? Maybe I should take off my pants too? In fact, maybe? you'd like to get naked with me, and we could do it right here in the woods? Sounds yummy doesn't it?!? :) Mmmmmm... As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! :) xoxoxo Lexeigh

Lexeigh Is A Snow Bunny

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Ok, so I do NOT like cold weather! Never have! Never will! If you know anything about me then you probably know I am a beach girl! Give me sun, sand, water, and a cold beer and I am good to go! So.... having said all that.... I live in a plce that gets snow from time to time.... and every single time it snows, hubby says the same thing to me.... "Lets go take pictures in the snow!". My answer is always the same.... "No!". Well, this year he just wouldn't stop with it... so I finally gave in and did it! Thats me in the snow! Enjoy it because you may never see it ever again! I have to admit, the pics turned out pretty nice... but I was FREEEZING!!! As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! :) xoxoxo Lexeigh

Xmas 2013

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Merry Christmas everyone! May your holidays be filled with friends and fun! I want to wish all of my members a very happy holiday season! Without all of you I wouldn't be able to continue posting my photos or running my website! I am truly thankful for each and every one of you who decided to join my site and become one of my members! I hope you enjoy my Xmas photos this year.... I was a very naughty girl so I figured, what's one more naught photo set to end the year? right?! :) Have fun watching me "un-wrap" myself! :) As always, I really hope you like the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Five Bikini Stripper Shows in One

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: You guys have been emailing me asking for more bikini/swim suit pics, and i didn't get to do any this past summer! My bad! But I came up with a little idea to try to make up for being a bad girl! I thought... how can i make it up to you guys.... so I started thinking.. and thinking... and thinking.... and then i had a thought! How about i do FIVE different swim suits at once! My idea was to have every picture show me posing and stripping out of 5 different swim suits all at once! (actually its 4 bikinis and 1 sexy one-piece). I had a lot of fun trying to get my poses to be similar and once I saw the final pictures I thought it turned out really neat! :) As always, I really hope you like the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh
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" The (photo) galleries are near professional quality with great lighting, and Lexeigh has really blossomed into a sultry cougar. Her body is usually tanned and she is always fit and tight. She does full nudity, too, including closeups of her spread pussy and asshole..."

Back Alley Hooker

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: One of my members recently emailed me and asked if i would do a photo shoot to play out a fantasy of his... He basically described the idea of me being a hooker working in a back alley way! Thats sodirty!!! But trust me, I know most of you guys have pretty dirty fantasies of me, dont you? Dont lie to me! I have the emails to prove it! :) So, as it turns out, I was able to find a place that fit the description, and think I pulled the look of in my tight little striped dress and tall hooker boots? If you were driving by, would you stop to talk to me> Ask me my rates? maybe do me right there in the alley? You want me to be your bad girl dont you? Hehe, I know you do! :) As always, I really hope you like the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Sexy Lexeigh’s Tight Dress

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: This weeks set is definitely one that was one of the most spontanious ones I have ever done! Hubby and I were just about to leave the house to do a little shopping (my favorite thing of all things!). So I am standing there in front of the mirror, making sure I look presentable, and i get a whistle from hubby as he comes by me. A few sconds later, he calls me out of the bathrrom into the bedroom, and has the camera in his hand. He just points to the spot he wants me. Without a word being said, I start stripping fro him as he takes pictures. With in jsut a few minutes, I'm down o nthe floor with my ass up in the air and my feet over my head! Just another day in an amateur porn stars life! LOL! As always, I really hope you like the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Sexy Hooker Alone Outside

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Everyone loves a good fantasy, right? I have read a lot of trashy novels, and seen enough porn to know there are a lot of fantasies to go around! (some freaky fantasies too!.. Not judgin', just sayin'!) The one thing that REALLY helped learn about other peoples fantasies was when I started my website, and started getting email from my members. Between all the photo shoot ideas, and posing ideas, and clothing suggestions... I can tell my members like to imagine me in SO many different ways! So... This week... how about you imagine walking out in the country... through an abandoned farm... and you peer behind an old shed... and you find me there.... all alone... dressed just like I am this week... and you decide to start telling me what to take off.... and as you tell me, I remove that bit of clothing for you... and as my clothes come off, you begin thinking of what you are going to do to me once I am totally naked... do you like that fantasy?!? Hehe I know, I do too! :) As always, I really hope you like the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh
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