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Roller Girl Lexeigh

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time at the roller rink near my house. I never actually had sex at the skating rink, but I did just about everything else! Haha! A member recently emailed me asking if I would do a set in roller skates, and I immediately loved the suggestion! I went out and bought the pinl tube top ( I know, I should have already owned that right? Ha!) and found my "sexy" black boy shorts too. On the way home, we stopped at an adult video store, and I saw the "sucker" and was like "Yes! Perfect!" I will have you know, I do enjoy giving blow jobs, but if cocks actually tasted like this sucker, I am not sure I would ever be without out on in my mouth! Mmm Mmm! Definitely not on my diet plan! And when it came to putting that thing in my pussy, its a good thing I was "Wet" because it was so sticky it wouldnt have gone in otherwise! Haha! As always, I hope you enjoy the pictures! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh Strips out Of Her Fishnet Stockings & Masturbates

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! I've been receiving so many requests to do a photo set in fishnets! I had no idea that this look was so popular! :-) To be honest, I really haven't worn fishnets very often in my real life, but I have to tell you... after feeling these one me, and seeing how they look, I am now a fan! For this set I am in my own bedroom, and after giving you a nice long, slow strip tease, I lay back on the bed and give you a up close and personal masturbation show! If you enjoy seeing me in a pair of sexy fishnet leggings, and seeing me touch myself and finger my pussy, then this photo set is exactly what you need! :-) Shhh... Don't tell anyone, but I may have actually had a real orgasm somewhere in this photo set! :-) I really hope you like the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Her Tube Top Makes It Easy For Lexeigh To Flash Her 36DDs

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: I've always enjoyed being blonde. And I can tell you that the longer the blonde hair, the more attention I get. Of course, the big boobs always get me a certain amount of attention all by themselves, but the blond hair is almost the exact same effect. So while my hair was shorter, I liked putting on the wig from time to time, just for fun! These photos were taken at a hotel along the southern coast of Florida. There were people all around, and I had a few admirers trying to see what I was doing since my hubby was in tow with the camera... it's as if they could tell I was gonna be doing something naughty! Who? Me? :-) I hope you like the photos! -Lexeigh

Lexeigh Brings Home Groceries & Strips On The Kitchen Table

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hey guys! For this photo set, I had just gotten back from the grocery store, and hubby was waiting for me in the kitchen with the camera in hand!! He's said I looked too sexy to NOT take pictures! I think it was the see-through tube-top that sealed my fate! You should have seen the looks I was getting at the store! :-) No real story here... jsut me stripping for you! Oh, I can tell you that this table has seen its share of action over the years... The chairs are the PERFECT height for sex!!! A knee on this chair, a knee on that chair, bent over the table... now slide behind me and grab my hips! Mmmmmm... Think about that while you look at my pictures! I really hope you enjoy this photo set! -Lexeigh
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