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Sexy Hot Tub Slut

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hey everyone! Who wants to have a hot tub party?! :) I thought i would put on the skimpiest swimsuit bikini I could find! DO you like it?! Just a tiny tube top to cover my big boobs, and an even smaller bottom..... just a tiny strip of fabric to cover my secret garden! Ready to jump in the water adn get wet with me? maybe this time you could bring a few of your friends and you could each take turns doing me from behind? Is that too kinky? :) the more the merrier! Hehe :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh The Park Hooker

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: How about another fantasy? This week I am pretending to be a escort/hooker looking for tricks at a local park?! Hehe very naughty fantasy! You drive up and see me me waiting under the gazebo, and decide to come over and talk to me. You ask me if you an see "the goods" and I start doign a slow strip tease for you! Wanna know how far I will go for you? How much I will do?! We might be here until after the sun goes down! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Sexy Slutty MILF Secretary

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! So... maybe you work in an office, or maybe you even have your own secretary? Or... maybe you just fantaisze about having your own secretary? :) Well this weeks photo set is all about that fantasy! would you want me working for you as your own personal secretary? would you like that? Keeping me late in the office until everyone else had gone home.... taking me on business trips with you... do you like that idea? would you have me strip for you? give you a little show? Tease you as I take off my clothes.... maybe bend me over and give me a spanking? Im not sure you would ever get much work done, but I dont think you would complain about that much! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh Shortened Josie be shaving the ending.... took about 45 seconds off Josie...

Pink Tube Top, Short Jean Shorts, Tube Socks, & Tennis Shoes

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: How about a fantasy for you this week? Maybe you see me driving around town in my sexy little Mercedes Convertible, and you start following me. You pull up along side me at a stop light, and I look over and wink at you... and then I motion for you to follow me. :) We drive to a nearby motel, and get a room... And once we get in the room, I give you a sexy strip tease as you take my pictures... and then.... I will let you finish out the rest of this fantasy! :) Why not become a memeber and send me an email telling me what you would like to do with me! :) As always, I hope you enjoy the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Roller Girl Lexeigh

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time at the roller rink near my house. I never actually had sex at the skating rink, but I did just about everything else! Haha! A member recently emailed me asking if I would do a set in roller skates, and I immediately loved the suggestion! I went out and bought the pinl tube top ( I know, I should have already owned that right? Ha!) and found my "sexy" black boy shorts too. On the way home, we stopped at an adult video store, and I saw the "sucker" and was like "Yes! Perfect!" I will have you know, I do enjoy giving blow jobs, but if cocks actually tasted like this sucker, I am not sure I would ever be without out on in my mouth! Mmm Mmm! Definitely not on my diet plan! And when it came to putting that thing in my pussy, its a good thing I was "Wet" because it was so sticky it wouldnt have gone in otherwise! Haha! As always, I hope you enjoy the pictures! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Lexeigh Strips out Of Her Fishnet Stockings & Masturbates

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hi everyone! I've been receiving so many requests to do a photo set in fishnets! I had no idea that this look was so popular! :-) To be honest, I really haven't worn fishnets very often in my real life, but I have to tell you... after feeling these one me, and seeing how they look, I am now a fan! For this set I am in my own bedroom, and after giving you a nice long, slow strip tease, I lay back on the bed and give you a up close and personal masturbation show! If you enjoy seeing me in a pair of sexy fishnet leggings, and seeing me touch myself and finger my pussy, then this photo set is exactly what you need! :-) Shhh... Don't tell anyone, but I may have actually had a real orgasm somewhere in this photo set! :-) I really hope you like the photos! xoxoxo - Lexeigh

Her Tube Top Makes It Easy For Lexeigh To Flash Her 36DDs

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: I've always enjoyed being blonde. And I can tell you that the longer the blonde hair, the more attention I get. Of course, the big boobs always get me a certain amount of attention all by themselves, but the blond hair is almost the exact same effect. So while my hair was shorter, I liked putting on the wig from time to time, just for fun! These photos were taken at a hotel along the southern coast of Florida. There were people all around, and I had a few admirers trying to see what I was doing since my hubby was in tow with the camera... it's as if they could tell I was gonna be doing something naughty! Who? Me? :-) I hope you like the photos! -Lexeigh

Lexeigh Brings Home Groceries & Strips On The Kitchen Table

LEXEIGH'S OWN WORDS: Hey guys! For this photo set, I had just gotten back from the grocery store, and hubby was waiting for me in the kitchen with the camera in hand!! He's said I looked too sexy to NOT take pictures! I think it was the see-through tube-top that sealed my fate! You should have seen the looks I was getting at the store! :-) No real story here... jsut me stripping for you! Oh, I can tell you that this table has seen its share of action over the years... The chairs are the PERFECT height for sex!!! A knee on this chair, a knee on that chair, bent over the table... now slide behind me and grab my hips! Mmmmmm... Think about that while you look at my pictures! I really hope you enjoy this photo set! -Lexeigh
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